Problems with printer

I started using Comodo Firewall, it’s good. The only problem is that I can’t print from my laptop that is in network with my desktop via cable. I don’t find how to make it work. The desktop doesn’t have this firewall and it prints.

A couple of thoughts. Did you install the printer software on your laptop? You need to do this. Also, you say the desktop is networked with your laptop, does it communicate every other way? Did you go into your desktop computer, right click the printer and allow sharing? All these need to be in place, now, you can open up your firewall on your laptop, go to the security tab, define a new trusted network. Run throught this, making sure the above are correct as well. Also you can use the add\remove\modify a zone tab, and add the ip of your desktop so your laptop firewall allows the communication, once again assuming all else is in place.