Problems with new Adobe Flash Player

Hey Everyone,

I have been using Comodo for a couple months now and really enjoy the browser. However, I am having difficulties installing the new update for the Adobe Flash Driver. I am always getting notifications that I need to update it and any time I click on the update button the new tab always crashes!! I tried downloading it using a different browser but Comodo isn’t picking up the new version. Can anyone help??? It’s becoming a very big annoyance having to always click the run anyways button and I don’t want to switch to a different browser.


Did you uninstall the old version and then try installing it fresh?

Are you running Comodo Internet Security?

Hi GoldenTatters,
Dragon uses a plug-in and not ActiveX as Internet explorer does.
Please make sure you are updating the plug-in for flash.
Please download flash (Non IE) here, then close dragon.
Find the downloaded file and run that file to install flash plug-in.
Hope that helps.

Thanks everyone for your feedback, and thanks captainsticks for the link. I got everything working and don’t have to constantly click on tedious ‘run this time’ buttons.

Back to regular surfing on the web:)

Hi GoldenTatters,
Glad to hear all is working properly and thanks for your reply.