Problems with network access after installing Windows Updates

Hi all. This morning comodo was working just fine - letting me access network resources without any problem and blocking what it was supposed to block. I then installed the most recent 8 or 9 windows update patches and rebooted. After the reboot, I can no longer browse to network shares, even if the servers are listed as trusted zones.

Has anyone else seen this problem?



Here’s a quick update to my problem:

Using system restore I rolled back the Windows Update and that didn’t help. I also set CPF to temorarily allow all traffic and I still couldn’t browse my network. However, disabling and re-enabling my network card fixed the problem. However, the fix doesn’t survive a reboot.
I had “Secure the host while booting” selected in the Advanced section, which I have since turned off. I’m hoping that cures my problem.

If there’s anything else I may be overlooking, please let me know.


IF disabling “Secure the host while booting” did not help, you may try the beta version or disable “Monitor DNS queries” and “Secure against trojan protocols” options to see if it solves your problems.