Problems with my mail server.


First of all i would like to say that i think your firewall is great.

However i have a problem that i can’t quite figure out.

I use cmailserver on my computer for recieving mail’s and after i installed comodo firewall i
have not been able to recieve any.

I noticed that when i turned off “network monitor” everything worked fine.
On the network monitor-page the only thing that is set to block is:
“IP in/out “where ipproto is any”.”

If i edit it to allow, then it works fine. but then it also let through a lot of other traffic wich
is otherwise logged as “medium” threats(alot of request for port 60191. dont really know what
that means).

is there any way to configure it to only allow my mailserver to recive my mails?
I allready have my mailserver ont the allow-list under “application monitor” but that
does not seem to be enough.

I would be greatful for any response.
thank you.

i may have fixed it, at lest temporary. i added

allow for tcp-in, Source(any), destination(localhost) when port is 25

now my mail is getting to the server, and i havent got any logs yet of other attempts on
that port under these settings, than the one’s that is really mail.

so maybe it’s fine now.