Problems with MSN voicall

Hi all,
I have the following problem: I can login with MSN (7.5 version), but I can’t estabilish a voice call with other users. I temporarly disabled the Network Monitor and it worked. So I checked the connections and I found a range of ports used by MSN for -I suppose- the voicecall. Therefore I specified these ports, in the Network Monitor, in a new rule for incoming traffic, but it didn’t work.
Do you know a working rule for the voicecall with MSN? Thank you very much!

It may be a couple of reasons. But we are going to release CPF 2.3 on thursday. It should fix all these issues by default. Lets try eith that one when released.


The voicecall works for me with Skype, and i have not set up any special rules for it. I have done that in my router though. I have the default rules in CPF.
Do you have msnmsgr.exe in application monitor? Try to check “allow all activities…” for it and check “allow invisible con…” and “skip advanced sec…”. As a parent you should have “C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe”.
That works with Skype anyway…

Well, I tried it but nothing… So, I’ll wait for the new release by now!