Problems with Laptop Keyboard [RESOLVED - NON ISSUE]

I installed CPF in June, replacing Sygate. The laptop keyboard has recently started to do strange things. For example, pressing “t” produced “tGJ/” . Also, caps lock switched on randomly. Today I did a system restore back to the restore point prior to the CPF install. It seems to have solved the problem. Is this by any chance a known issue with CPF.

I have occassionaly had problems (over the years) with laptop keyboards, but nothing that would make one keypress generate 4 characters.

If I were you, I might try installing the latest Beta CPF. The latest official still uses the old InstallSheild installer that was giving a fair number of people problems. With the CPF Beta’s, Comodo has been trying their own installer that they created as a replacement to InstallSheild. I cannot guarantee it will prevent your problem, but it certainly is worth a try.


Nope. This should not be related to CPF. I would look for keyboard filter drivers installed on your system lately. One of them seems malfunctioning.

Hi. As you rightly state, this has nothing to do with CPF.
Thanks for replies.