Problems with installation!

Of late a lot of complaints of ‘antivirus not initialized’ etc. is being seen in the forum. Here is a suggestion… Is it possible for Comodo to develop something like this? I mean RSAnalyse.exe for CIS

I don’t use their software, but I came across this one just accidentally. I just wanted to check whether I can see how CIS is loaded in my computer. but when I ran it, I came to know that this was meant to just ensure that all their drivers are loaded perfectly … Of course we have ‘diagnostics’ but many complaints that diagnostics does not report problem while CIS not working.

I don’t know how this program works and what it takes to develop it, but I feel that it could be handy for the developers if users can report something like this, especially in situations like that ‘created password bug’ etc. where pages of reporting does not yield any result. (I think this would be less complicated than GMER report or hijack-this log, which a user may also may not mind attaching).

Any takers???