Problems with installation of v6. Want to return to v5.12

What is the most recent version of CIS Premium 5 (free) and where can I download a copy? I seem to remember the last version of CIS 5 Premium was 5.12 but I can only find 5.10 (at CNET) to download. Any place else that you might recommend for that download?

I had been trying to follow the very long thread announcing the release of CIS 6.1 and have quite a mess on my hands now after upgrading my CIS 6.0 to 6.1 then back to 6.0. My system has always been quite “zippy” compared to other XP SP3 systems, Pentium 4 processor, that I have seen. Now it is the slowest that I have ever experienced with a reinstalled CIS Premium 6.0.

I was quite happy with CIS Premium (free) 6.0 then got a real mess on my system

  • with the 6.1 upgrade on the first day of the release over the top of 6.0 with all file signature dates of 04/15/2013,
  • which I uninstalled,
  • clean reinstalled an updated version of the 6.1 release (with a few file signature dates of 4/18/2013 instead of the original 6.1 with file signature dates of 4/15/2013) from the first post in that thread.
  • and then system would not boot to Windows log in screen, it just hung with a blank blue screen (the log in screen has the same blue background). There was no message displayed on the screen, it was not a BSOD situation.

So, I completely uninstalled CIS Premium 6.1 and clean reinstalled CIS Premium 6.0 of which I still had/have a copy of the last/latest 6.0 installer. Now, with CIS Premium 6.0 reinstalled on my system, it is lagging in loading applications, some taking one minute to three minutes to load when they previously loaded in seconds, almost in a flash. In addition, I have noticed during those lag times, watching Sysinternal Process Explorer, that “System” total CPU usage is spinning in excess of 50% for the duration of the lag time (from one minute to exceeding 3 minutes) AND cis.exe is involved in that to a certain extent, then when “System” settles back to or near zero, the application loads. Applications are browsers, opening the “My Computer” interface, opening Windows Task Manager, virtually anything on my system.

I am beginning to feel that I may be forced to completely reinstall, on a separate drive, my complete OS and all updates, all applications, and everything. If that becomes necessary after just doing so on a brand new drive just over a year ago, it may be good-bye Comodo for me and a return to the security application that I had been using, and with which I was mostly satisfied, for many years.

I had such great hopes for my use of Comodo, but now I am really uncertain and uncomfortable with CIS.

I may or install CIS 5.x, but would like a link to download the most recent version, if I should decide to do so.


Before clean installing 5.12 or 6.0 please follow Most Effective Way to Reinstall CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems by my colleague Chiron. It will provide a reliable and clean starting point.

Thanks for the reply EricJH. I have bookmarked that link for easy access to it later.

Any suggested link for downloading CIS Premium 5.12 (free)?

You can download from .

Using search at filehorse, they only seem to have current version of 3 Comodo products - comodo / Download for Windows /

I am seeking a SAFE download link for CIS Premium 5.12. I found one link in a blog for “x86” only, but the link looks a little “funny” ( ). That same blog had a “Universal Installer” also ( ). Any other suggestions?

I just downloaded the 5.12 from Filehorse. The signature said it was intact. Signed by Comodo. That means it’s the real deal.

Unfortunately Comodo does not have repository of previous versions. It has been requested though.


I do appreciate your time and assistance, and for staying with me on this.

So, do you happen to have a link to that download on filehorse?

Or can you explain how you found version 5.12 on filehorse?

As you saw from my prior post, when searching filehorse for “comodo”, it only returned 4 results, all current versions of Comodo products. The link that you posted above takes me to the main filehorse page.

A side note: After more reading on the Comodo forum, I found a thread from much earlier about un-checking the option on the Advanced > Antivirus panel concerning cache builder and that seems, for now, to have resolved the very long spin-up in CPU usage that was resulting in the lag that I was experiencing on version 6.0. I still would like the link on filehorse to version 5.12 to keep that version as a backup. I am sorry that I erased that installer version from my hard drive after getting comfortable with version 6.0.

For now, this old man is just to tired to continue with this anymore today. I spent most of yesterday and have spent all of today on this problem — unbelievable!!

32 Bit - Comodo Internet Security 5.12.256249 (32-bit) Download
64 Bit - Comodo Internet Security 5.12.256249 (64-bit) Download

My secret? Look for the drop down menu. See attached image.

[attachment deleted by admin]


Thanks again for your time and efforts.

A drop-down, of course. I suppose that I was just too tired and frustrated to see it. Now I know.


Sometimes one’s brain is simply temporarily fried. It happens to all of us.


Sadly, I have uninstalled CIS and installed another product which I had previously used for many years.

I followed all of the steps exactly as in;msg410589#msg410589 .

  • I disabled Comodo services and used Sysinternals Autorums to disable inspect.sys to avoid later connectivity problems.
  • I ran Revo Uninstaller to uninstall CIS
  • Rebooted, entered Windows Safe Mode with Networking
  • Ran the Comodo cleanup tool
  • Rebooted, entered Windows Safe Mode
  • Ran Comodo cleanup tool (a second time as suggested on the final display of the cleanup tool window)
  • Looked at registry for remaining items related to CIS, there were a few.
  • Rebooted in to Windows Pro XP SP3
  • Reinstalled CIS 6.1. I made few changes (following Chiron’s set up guide), rebooted, ran definitions update, ran full system scan, ran ??? the other scan that updates the applications/vendors list (all scans using “cloud” lookups).

Result: Same lagging caused by spin-up in CPU usage as before

As a test, to be sure that something was not amiss on my system, I went through the CIS 6.1 uninstall again (same steps as above), I installed the free Zonealarm AV + Firewall, and ALAS, no more lagging and no more CPU usage spin-up.

My conclusion: The problem is with CIS.

It may be some time before I try CIS again. I really liked CIS 5.10 and 5.12 and CIS 6.0, but CIS 6.1 caused some MAJOR problems for me in system usage and lost time. I am an older, but computing knowledgeable, person who is in ill-health and do not need the kind of aggravation and stress caused over the last several days by the CIS 6.1 update. For now I will stay with ZA.

Finally, once again, thanks for your attempts at assisting me.

I think your problem may be described in Boot up extremely slow after CIS 2013 v6.1 update. Is that correct?

No, not correct.

  • My first difficulty after installing CIS 6.1 clearly stating no start up delay here →;msg678024#msg678024
  • Then I installed CIS 6.0 over the top of CIS 6.1 in hopes of correcting the constant “Update Available” message and system would not complete boot after that over-write of CIS 6.1 with CIS 6.0, Windows login screen would never appear.
  • Then I uninstalled 6.0 (with Revo, without CIS uninstaller) and re-installed CIS 6.0. That is when the lagging caused by a spin-up of CPU usage would occur and the spin-up would last 1 minute to 3 minutes making my system unusable/unresponsive until CPU usage fell back to normal.
  • The rest is posted above. Uninstall CIS 6.0 (and CIS 6.1) (using Revo and CIS uninstaller), reinstalled CIS 6.0 (and CIS 6.1), and same CPU usage spin-up. The CPU usage problem, of course, caused a drastic increase in my CPU temperature, higher than I have ever seen on this system.

I will not risk my CPU on this old system nor am I willing to undergo more frustration and stress over the use of CIS at this time.

You say you installed 6.0 over 6.1. You should never install an older version over a newer one. I suspect this caused at least some of the subsequent problems.

Do you by any chance have an image you can revert back to prior to installing comodo 6.1.?
If so then maybe this might help as i suspect you have messed your registry up also.

Whenever i have had to uninstall comodo i have used the add remove component in the comodo start menu folder and comodo programs manager.I have never had a problem doing it this way.

i agree That installing an older version over a new may have corrupted your installation.

I split your topic from where it was originally posted, Why I stopped using Comodo version 6, as it is too elaborate for it.

If you want to post in that topic please post a concise reply as to why you you stopped using v6.

In my many years of experience, doing so with minor version number changes should not and have not caused problems. Is 6.1 really a major version change that was mis-numbered, perhaps?

Also, don’t you think that subsequently uninstalling with Revo and CIS uninstaller several times as suggested followed by installing clean again several times would have fixed that? It did not. And I saw nothing on my hard drive or in my registry following each uninstall that would appear to affect the new clean reinstall. Then, installing a different security application and having no similar problem, points directly at CIS as the problem.

You would think that the cleanup process you eventually did would have fixed things but who knows for sure?The point is that you should have done those things before attempting to roll back to the older 6.0 version

FACT: I probably should have done the uninstall/reinstall differently
FACT: After-the-fact knowledge is good, but does not/did not rectify the situation
FACT: Later uninstall/reinstall did not help with the problem
FACT: No useful suggestions are being made subsequent to uninstall/reinstall with continuing problem
FACT: CIS is no longer on my system
FACT: If, as one poster suggested, why is my system still running well w/o CIS if the registry was trashed
FACT: I now have another product installed and all is well

Unsubscribing from thread. Good luck.