Problems with games

Playing games with Comodo’s Defence+ on is hard alot of times… atleast with train with safe mode on…

Perhaps try excluding the games files from defense+? Sometimes it can work I think.


If you are sure the games are from a safe source you could change D+ to training mode whilst you play them. To Quote the help file:

“This mode can be used as the “Gaming Mode”. It is handy to use this setting temporarily when you are running an (unknown but trusted) application or Games for the first time. This will suppress all Defense+ alerts while the firewall learns the components of the application that need to run on your machine and automatically create ‘Allow’ rules for them.”


Not bad,but it would be nice if Comodo detected games automatically,like what Lavasoft is doing

put v3 into training mode when playing games. Vettech had provided some valuable info as he is an avid game player!


Thank you Melih.

You don’t want to detect games automatically. I used Outpost,Comodo 2.4 and 3.0,Online Armor, Zone Alarm, Kerio and Look-n-Stop. All of then had the same results. Either your game locks up or you get an alert when the game launches. Most games now are launching different apps along with the game. Such as I have Punkbusters A&B shutoff to manual. So when I play COD4 it automatically calls for the Punkbusters exe files to be launched along with the game. If you play any Steam game such as TF2, that uses a program called gameoverlay.exe. So could a firewall have a whitelist for games. Yes but it will also need to know what extensions that game calls for. Hence why you use learn mode till Comodo learns the game properly.

have you tried Lavasoft?
When I run a game for the first time,lavasoft detects it and asks me whether I want to have the game as entertainement mode.That entertainement mode activates the “Block Most” service each time I play games.
And I have no problem at all.
The Comodo version is to manually go and activate the “train” or something mode.
And that is the point I am making.Why manually?why make it complicate to play games.
make it simple,easy to use by any gamers, be it 11 years old gamers or 60 years old gamers.

Quote from Lavasoft

“Whether it be playing games or watching films,Entertainement mode will suppress firewall prompts”

Your too much. Ok lets compare cost for merely clicking a radio button and moving a slide to training. Do the math its pretty simple. And as far as know Lavasoft has no HIPS. Also Comodo scores higher and is rated better then Lavasoft by Matousec. It also got Editors Choice award by PC Mag.

Comodo 3.0 = $000000000 for life.

Lavasoft = $29.95 for 1 year.

You got a point as far as pricing and rating.
However having such a feature will put Comodo ahead of everyone else.And for a gamer that plays many games,the feature I am talking about makes life easier.
It is just an additional feature that will make Comodo better.

Edit: I think what I will do is stop Lavasoft,try Comodo and go from there

I bet you dont play as many games as me. I play WOW,COD4,BF2,BF2142,TimeShift,HL,HLe1,HLe2,TF2,Portal,Lost Planet,Q4,QWars,C&C3,GRAW,UT2k4,NFSMW,Halo,SS2 and I just bought Pirates Of The Burning Sea. Those are all installed and I play a round robin. My past list is another story.

Not as many at a time because of lack of time,but still.
It is not because you are happy that all gamers should be happy

Now,this is weird.When Comodo is on Clean PC and Train with Safe mode,I have a hard time loading websites.When I switch to Training Mode,no problems at all.

Comodo does not have a web shield so it cannot be Comodo. I have Comodo on the same settings and FF and IE load and browse extremely quick.

It may be because I didn’t remove Lavasoft,but just stopped it while I try Comodo

Edit: I just played Eve Online on Training Mode and had no problems. I am still concerned that browsing is not as fast as before I installed Comodo.I have to restart my browser each time to access the sites.But again,it may be because I haven’t removed Lavasoft,but just stopped it while I try Comodo

You cannot properly test like that unless you uninstall Lavasoft. If you look in the Security Center it should have 2 firewalls shown. Running 2 firewalls even though one isnt running is not a proper test.