problems with flash player crashing

I am having a lot of trouble with flash player crashing randomly while playing games on facebook. I have no idea what is causing it or what to do to fix it. I have version 22.0 of dragon and I just installed the latest release of flash player and it still crashed. If anyone has any ideas I would be more than grateful.

So your using Mikenaly

Did you upgrade Dragon from an early version? before or did you do a fresh install of it?

I know when you do an installer, the installer shows you Flashplayer installed or not installed.

If you done a fresh install or an upgrade the Flashplayer would of been there installed on your machine already.

Have you tried to remove Flashplayer plugin, and do a new install. ?

If you did, then its not the flashplayer. It’s Dragon.

I have noticed that when I open up dragon it freezes at times, then an error message pops up saying flashplayer crashed with dragon, do you wish to reload page. I always choose no. Then reopen the page that I was heading for, then all is OK.

It happens the same when running Internet Explorer 9.

But there is a an odd issue with Dragon at times. But all will be fixed hopefully on next Build.

Hope this info helps