Problems with Flash based games

I have been using Comodo Dragon for quite a lot of months now : I only Play Treasure Madness, Scrabble and Lexulous on my facebook. It has always worked well for all of these since I first installed it but for the last 8 days both scrabble and lexolous have not been playable.

I wrote to them both and they suggested I try Internet explorer and Google chrome which I tried, Both of their games played on those browsers but Treasure madness would not play properly, so now I am trying to find out from yourselves why it worked quite correctly for many months for all of my games and then 8 days ago both word games are not playable.

Im guessing it is due to one of your updates or something of that nature. I wish to stay with Comodo as Im very active on Treasure madness, but I would still like to play both of the word games as I play them every day so please can you check and tell me if there is anything you can do to fix the problem.

All of my own computer has been cleaned and checked to try to solve it but it has not helped. I would appreciate if you can help solve this for me. Thanks.

Made a paragraph structure for an easier read and changed topic title to better reflect the problems. Eric

Hi Anita,

Welcome to the forums!
I think those Facebook games are Flash based aren’t they?
You can check by clicking right mouse button over them and then probably the Flash players ‘settings’ etc appears.

There seem to be a few issues with Chromium browsers and the Flash plugin for ‘other’ browsers.
The reason this works in Chrome is that Google uses their own version of Flash called pepperflash, which doesn’t seem to have these issues.

As Dragon is based on Chromium code they need to wait for the fix to be incorporated in Chromium code before Dragon will be fixed.
I hope next release of Chromium and/or Adobe Flashplayer fixes these issues as it was also reported that the latest flash beta no longer has this behavior.