problems with firewall

Problems with firewall: My personal firewall would not allow transmission of files to my internet website via WS_FTP LE and there was some slowing or stopping of FrontPage 4(MS2000) and some CPU hanging. winxp-sp2home, abit SG71- 2.4 pent 4, 750 mb ram, .
I went back to Zone Alarm Free.

Use the wizard to define your trusted zone. This will probably solve the problem :wink:

I just loaded Comodo personal firewall and it loaded without any problems but, when I ran your free leak test it failed. Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance,

If the firewall prompted you for permission while running the test, and you said Yes, then that is why it failed. :smiley:

Hi mOngOd,

It didn’t ask me for permission to run the test.

Disable “Automatically approve safe applications”,and check again