Problems with firewall turned on

I am using a new installation of Vista Business x64 and previously had ZoneAlarm Extreme Security or whatever it was beta installed. It was causing some major problems with my system so I switched over to Comodo.

The CIS seems to be a good replacement for me, but the problem is that the firewall, for whatever reason when enabled, is causing me some problems. From web pages not loading, to every web page that does load taking several seconds before anythings loads, to Thunderbird not being able to access the mail server on our local network.

If I disable the firewall, everything works like it should, so I guess that there is a conflict somewhere. The logs for the Firewall and Defense+ don’t show anything either. I would be happy to try almost anything to get this resolved.

Also, not sure if this is just part of having the CIS installed, but during start up it takes a long time to get from the Windows circle icon to actually having my desktop pulled up. I get a black screen and the mouse arrow for a while, a lot longer then before I installed CIS.

Last night when I was trying to figure out what was going on, I deleted the Firefox and Thunderbird policies, and when they popped up again set them as browser and email program accordingly. That is how I left it last night.

This morning I deleted them again, and this time set them both as Trusted Applications, now all of my web pages so far are loading properly, and the email client can access our on site mail server.

I don’t know if its okay to leave them both set as trusted apps rather then browser/email client, but it does allow both of them to work for me.

Hello, Extremefire, Welcome to the Forums.
Are the policies you are referring the firewall policies?
I would say imho that in this case Trusted should be fine, as Defense+ and the AV will detect and pick up anything out of the ordinary.

Yeah, I was talking about the firewall policies.

Been a long time ZA user so I am getting used to how things are laid out in CIS, but so far things are good.

Thanks for the reply.