Problems with firewall and Windows update

I Have some customers that have big problems with the way the firewall acts when closing windows xp with installing a Microsoft patch.


When there is a Microsoft patch to download this will happen automaticly and after telling Windows XP to shut down and install the patches it goes wrong. After kicking the shut down and install button Windows shuts down and only shows you the line to leave the computer running and after install of the patches it will shut down. Problem is that new patches will be stopped by the firewall because its new and unknown software and so there is a conflict that leaves the computer running all night without installing or shutting down.

Same problem here on Windows Vista.

Hi Eljo,

are you using CFP, your signature still says the previous version.

Nightscape - are you using CFP2.4? If so it is not compatible with Vista. If you are using the new beta please post your bug in the beta section:


Dear N.T.T.W.,

Thanks for your response,

Its not my own but from a client of me, i have a small IT business. I do not know witch version I will contact my customer and check. Will let you know soon.