Problems with Firefox

First let me say I don’t know if Comodo is causing the issue here, but at the least I can rule it out if it’s not.

It was not that long ago that my Firefox updated itself, and since then it’s been acting funny sometimes. I’m getting intermittent pages that aren’t loading. It can be any site, and it only happens sometimes, but when I click on links around a site sometimes I’ll get a connection reset page, or sometimes just a blank page. It’s intermittent but never happened this much before.

I saw the page mozilla has about configuring comodo with firefox, but the pictures they show for comodo look nothing like the version I have, so I’m lost. Anyone have suggestions or experiencing the same thing?

My version of Comodo

Firefox version

Windows XP

Comodo doesn’t have a web shield so I doubt its Comodo causing your problems. Be sure Firefox is labeled a web browser under the firewall settings. Are you using Avast 4.8 virus scanner? When I tried Avast this was happening due to its web shield.

Thanks for the response.

How can I go about making sure Firefox is labeled as a web browser in comodo?

I actually am using Avast 4.8, I know this isn’t an avast forum but did you resolve that issue or just get rid of avast?

I’ve had avast and firefox for years now and never had this problem until recently, so I’d hate to get rid of avast.

To make Firefox a web browser go to Firewall\Advanced\Network Security Policy and scroll till you find Firefox and Inter Explorer and from the predefined rules select web browser from the pull down. There isn’t a fix as of yet for Avast but in the mean time I am using NOD32 which I have a paid subscription for. The problem with Avast even happens on my work laptop and I do not have Comodo installed. You can go to filehippo and redownload Avast 4.7.

Thanks for that info.

So the problems you experienced with Avast 4.8 are just like mine? Pages timing out or connection resets?

Yes and I asked in the Avast forums and no one would admit there is a problem.

I tried pausing the web shield in avast, but noticed the same problem when browsing. Perhaps pausing it isn’t enough.

No cause its still active. Uninstall Avast and you will see your problems go away.

One more question if I may while I have your assistance.

I notice that since I’ve installed Comodo I’m not getting windows prompts anymore. What I mean by prompts are for example when I insert a dvd I usually get a pop up window asking me what player I want to use, or if I install a usb cable I got a pop up asking me what I want to do with it, those are not happening anymore. I have to manually open things. Do you know what might cause this?

Seems to be resolved in upcoming Avast 4.8.1178, you can get a pre-release here and try it out:

It solved Firefox blank pages for me (fingers crossed).

Thanks for that info, I’ll check that out and see if it solves the problem. :slight_smile:

Anyone have any suggestions about the prompting issue that I described above?