Problems with Firefox & Comodo

Have just installed comodo free firewall if I set the security level to custom no internet pages open, if set to allow all, pages come up.

Any ideas how to resolve

BTW are running firefox & Windows XP


I’m running that version of Firefox in custom mode without any problems. Check the Component Control rules menu and make sure all the objects shown in the pix have permissions set to “Allow” (click the column header called “Company” to sort them alphabetically).

If all of them have the correct permissions, then start Firefox in Safe Mode via Start → All Programs → Mozilla Corporation → Firefox (Safe Mode). If it works properly like that, then the problem is due to one of your plugins.

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First possibility based on past experience. Check Application Monitor for a block on svchost.exe (might also check the Activity/Logs for entries on this). If none are present, reboot and see if it still happens (in case you blocked without “Remember”).

Second possibility. You have removed the default Network Monitor rule that is: Allow TCP/UDP Out, to Any: Source/Destination IP/Port. If so, right-click Rule ID 0 (top rule) and select Add/Add Before; build it like this:

Action: Allow
Protocol: TCP/UDP
Direction: Out
Source IP: Any
Destination IP: Any
Source Port: Any
Destination Port: Any

OK. Reboot, to clear any session-memory and set the new rule. Then try your browsing again.

There are a couple more common possibilities, but these are at the top of the list right now…