problems with --enable-click-to-play


I’m having a problem with the --enable-click-to-play function
If you enable that command line / start up parameter you get an extra settings option



  • Run automatically (recommended)
  • Click to play
  • Block all

If you encounter a flash element on a page in Chome/Chromium/Iron and the “Click to play” option is selected, than you’d just have to click the grey placeholder and the flash element /plugin is loaded.

In CD: the placeholder is white, which is hard to distinguish from the usual website background.
Also, you have to right click and than enable the plugin.

Is there some way to get the default behavior?

Big oops, sorry.

I see it was a tweak to get the extra option.

If you would follow these instructions.
The report will belong in the Bug thread.

If found to be “by design” you may post a Wishlist item to possibly have it changed here.


I assumed it to be a bug, because it works fine in other versions of chrome/chromium/iron, don’t see any reason why it would be removed.

Do I have to post it again in the wish section?
And will this topic automatically be removed under the help section?
I’ll add screenshots to show the difference between chrome and dragon.
I just figured my explanation was clear enough.

It may well be a bug.
The thing is I’m not in a position to make that call, or fix it.

The layout pointed to helps the devs to get what they need.
I hope you see how unwieldy the forums would become without some structure.

This thread will just stay here, no harm, and each help area is the best place to start.
Some other user or Mod is more likely too see your post here and you may find a solution.
Or others experiencing the same issue, could verify or support your issue.

It would be good if you would make a Bug post with the required additional info.

You can attach your screens here and with the Report.

The explanation was clear enough, but they need the info (in a fairly standardized way) to try to re create the bug if it is one.

Thanks and welcome to the forums BTW.