Problems with Dragon and Facebook

When I am in Facebook I can complete most commands except “comment” I can post, delete post’s and navigate around Facebook but when I try to comment on anything on any page I get “Unable to post comment. Try Again”. It just started yesterday. I reloaded Dragon but no change. Any ideas?

not sure if this is a bug but it sure is acting like it. & so far this only happens in facebook with comodo dragon, I love this browser but now i have to use another browser now for only facebook. when ever I ever post to someones post I get this
this is only happening with comodo dragon & I have 7 other browsers & this doesn’t happen in any of them.

does anyone have any idea what this is & how I can fix this in this browser?

I am having the same issue using CD on Facebook. It will not allow “likes” or comments to post, replies to other friends’ posts, etc.
I have had to switch to IE to use FB now. Hope Comodo will address this issue.

Hi and welcome Rommel48,
Try clearing your browser data.

Sorry Captainsticks, I merged another thread with the same issue, and they chronologically split your reply from the OP. :embarassed:

Sorry for the confusion, folks!

No problems. :slight_smile:

To everyone if the problem persists after clearing your browser data, please try with [b]Comodo SecureDNS[/b] disabled. Menu, Settings, Show advanced settings, Under Privacy untick [b]Enable malware domain filtering (Comodo Secure DNS)[/b].