Problems with downloading at a specific website

Hi all,

With the new 3.0 Comodo I got problems downloading stuff from
If I want to download something, I click the download link and then a blank page comes up. If I shut Comodo down (disabled) then all goes well. Defence+ is off.

Is this a comodo problem or a boomtown problem ?

Look at your Firewall log - Firewall>Common Tasks>View Event Log. You will have to know the IP address of - check The listing appears to be, so look for firewall log entries that have that IP address as the source or destination. If you see a blocked connection, note the port listed for the blocked connection and the protocol. They may be using an odd port for their communications or downloads. If you can confirm that their port as listed is not one of the ports listed in the rule for your download program (IE, FreeDownloadManager etc as listed under Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy), you can edit the rule to add the unlisted port to your rule or you can change the Port Set to include the unlisted port if the rule uses a Port Set. Note: if you are changing a Port Set, you will have to edit the download program’s rule to update the port set. The rule does not update automatically when you edit the port set.

Are you using the Comodo rules for Web Browser? Does your download use ftp? If so, there is an error in the “allow ftp requests” rule. Change the destination port in that rule from"21" to “any”.

Just tested it out on my notebook and this are the results.

Browser - Setting - Success
Firefox - is allowed all communication - Yes
- Pre-defined browser - No (Firefox kan geen verbinding maken met de server op

Internet Explorer - is allowed all communication - Yes
- Pre-defined browser - No (IE blank page, no connection)

If I look at what FF is telling me, the problem is the port Boomtown uses to download. After some sleep I will check what policy is used on the “problem” pc. Only IE is used there, and that doesn’t show the port like FF does.

That port - 8081 - will have to be added to the allowed connection ports for your browser. The existing rule only allows for port 8080 for HTTP ports. First, click Firewall>Common Tasks>My Port Sets and select the HTTP ports and click Add and type 8081 in and click Apply.
Then, click Firewall>Advanced>Predefined Policies>(Select Web Browser)>Edit. Then select the “Allow Outgoing HTTP requests” entry and click Edit. On the Destination Port tab, select the HTTP ports entry for “A set of ports” and click Apply. This updates the rule for the new port set.
Then click the Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy>(Locate and select the entry for your web browser/s)>Edit. Select whichever of “Predefined Policy” or “Custom Policy” you prefer and then select “Web Browser” from either the drop-down or the “Copy from” button, choosing Predefined Policy and Web Browser. Click Apply and Apply. This updates the policy for the browser with the updated Predefined Policy.

Thanks for the help :BNC