Problems with detection of Flash on sites

I have had more problems with using Comodo’s Dragon browser, probably more than anything in the last 4 months. Here’s my dilemma. I have had dragon insist that I download/install flash player probably at least 200 times to be able to view content. If I use Google’s Chrome, I usually don’t get these online demands. And if I enter STEAM? The steam program says I need to download “their” version of flash (in addition to the one already installed? B.S.) in order to view (their) demos of game titles. This is one real pain in my a**, and I’m sure I’m not the only one having this difficulty. I’m nearly ready to just re-install Windows 7 from an ISO disk again! I sure would appreciate someone giving me some idea or solution. :-\


What version of Flash Player do you have installed? Please Share some links to some of the websites which trigger the message.
What do you mean by “steam program”? Do you load the Steam webpage in Dragon or do you launch the Steam application?

Thank you.