Problems with Custom Network Control Rules

I use a program for throughput testing and created custom network control rules - allow ip any any for both inbound and outbound connections. I also went into the application monitor and allowed the application TCP/UDP bidirectional full access. When I run the program it works one way, but only from the inside out. It doesn’t work outside in, however I have no problem when I turn the firewall off. Why? Thought this works like an access list. (:NRD)

Hi ccie13831 & welcome to the forums.

Check CFWs log. If CFW is blocking anything, then it will be in the Log.

Depending on how your throughput tester works, you might want to consider the “skip loopback” settings under the Miscellaneous section (Security - Advanced tab). By default CFW skips (does not inspect) UDP traffic on 127.x.x.x and inspects all TCP traffic on 127.x.x.x. But, it can be configured to skip inspecting both.

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