problems with CPF and Teamspeak

Hi all,
Firstly I am new to CPF and installed it 2 days ago, I would like to say so far I have been very impressed after having used several well known firewalls with my network (:KWL)
After reading through the help files and your forums, I managed to sort a problem out that I had with AVG.
I now have a problem that I cannot seem to solve, but perhaps with your help you could point me in the right direction, I am possibly overlooking something

I run teamspeak server and Teamspeak client and Fshost.
when I first opened up these programs after installing CPF, they were recognised and I allowed them.
However, I have had serveral e-mails and forum posts on my forum, that people cannot connect to the server, despite me allowing it.
I have tried changing the rule, and still no joy…they cannot connect.
Can anyone help please?


Did you try following one of the port-forwarding FAQs? Check this one, you’ll just have to change the UDP/TCP port, I guess:,1544.0.html

Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:
I appreciate your help and will check that out


Hi Julie,

For CPF, if you want to allow incoming connections, allowing applications will not be enough. You must also define Network control rules necessary so that packets will be passed to the application listening.

Once you get accustomed with the operations, it is quite straightforward to configure CPF network rules.

I recommend setting “Create an alert when this rule is fired” option for the last rule(i.e. BLOCK IP IN FROM ANY TO ANY…) so that Logs setion will clearly show what is being blocked.

And also make sure if you create a network control rule, it should be above the BLOCK rule.

Let us see the Logs and your network control rules if you have difficulties with configuration. Then we can move the olution to our FAQ.


Hi Egemen
Many thanks for your response and help logging is now turned on.
I am extremely impressed with CPF and would like to thank all involved.

I am still having problems with configuring Teamspeak, and FShost.

I have added three network rules to allow incoming connections on the ports that teamspeak and FShost use for my host name.

A friend who is testing for me had success and was able to connect to Teamspeak. he left and now he says he cannot get back on.
I have not changed the network rule for Teamspeak just added the other two rules for FShost and moved them above Teamspeak.
Would this stop him getting back on?
Also can I make a rule that I can apply these port numbers specifically to these programs so that I can be sure that not all and sundry will get in.

I apologise for bothering you with these questions, I have never had problems configuring these programs before, I am sure I am doing something wrong, and its staring me right in the face (:LGH)


Only if one of the rules has the same port and protocol and is set to “block” instead of “allow”

Also can I make a rule that I can apply these port numbers specifically to these programs so that I can be sure that not all and sundry will get in.
In the current version it can't be done. Just make sure that you use no common ports with other programs, or that you block these ports at the application rules for other applications

Thanks I checked and they were fine, but all seems fine now with Teamspeak friends are able to connect.

The problem I am having is still with FS host. I have, as mentioned above added the Network rules to allow connections, however people still cannot connect.
In the logs it shows them connecting through the Network rule as being allowed, but they are not getting access to the program?
I am sure I am going wrong somewhere?


Some fragmented data is blocked by default even with the feature to “allow frangmented packets” on.
It will be fixed with the release of the new beta in a couple of days (crossing fingers)

In reply to Julie’s post:

You are not the only one Julie, I’ve had nightmares with Comodo and Teamspeak. The Comodo techs need to test their firewall with Teamspeak.

I’d set a rule, out of desperation, to give full access to Teamspeak, checked all logs I could find in this bloody firewall, and nothing suggesting Teamspeak being blocked, nor port 8767 (teamspeak default).

Some Teamspeak servers I had configured, were running on ports other than the default 8767… those I could connect to no probs, but any server running on 8767 I couldn’t connect to (and nothing to be found blocked in the logs). I then updated the Web Server List tab to get a listing of 1000’s of Teamspeak servers, and tried connecting to a dozen or so TS servers running off port 8767, and was unable to connect to any of them. When I tried doing the same thing with servers running off any other port than 8767, I connected to every one.

This problem was intermittent, sometimes TS would work normally, and sometimes I would experienced problems as described above.

I uninstalled Comodo and was running TS without incident for a month, then decided to try re-installing Comodo. My TS problems are back! Can’t find servers, as if they don’t exist (well, the ones on port 8767 anyway).

If TS is a necessary tool for you, DO NOT INSALL COMODO until such time as the Comodo techs have posted a resolution to this issue on the forum here, or in their FAQ, or have put out a new version that addresses the TS glitch.

Good luck all you TS users, let’s hope Comodo will look into this mess.