problems with connections showing up in Activity/connections


  Im new here, and i just downloaded the firewall and antivirus a few days ago, i really like them so far. Great work with both programs, but i have a few problems. First off when i boot up my computer and the firewall loads, when looking under activity/connections it always shows nothing there. All my other firewalls showed at least svchost, system,..ect. i then i have to exit the firewall and restart it and it might show one svchost, and sometimes more, why isn't it showing all my connections? and is anyone else having this problem. im running win2k pro. thanks, other than that i have no major complaints. keep up the good work!      (R)

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I’m not entirely sure why svchost isn’t showing up in your connections either I’m afraid. Have you made sure that Windows Firewall is turned off? I’m assuming that your using the 2.3.4 version of CPF. I know that some of Comodo’s recognized programs the ones cpf automatically create a rule for; don’t show up in the program monitor page and it does include svchost. I may be the case that the activity/connections are not shown because CPF recognizes it as a trusted program. You can untick the “Automatically create rules for known Applications” under Security >>> Advanced >>> Miscellaneous which will then give you a pop up for every program that tries to connect to the internet. Another option is to goto Security>>>Tasks and at the bottom right hand corner click “Search For Known Programs” and see if after that it decides to show itself.

There’s an update at some point today fixing a couple of bugs etc and it’s usually out around lunchtime Eastern US time… About 6pm here in England when I get home from work.

Hope I’ve helped. I’m sure others will come along and post a reply if they have a better answer. I know that Melih and Ewan (aka “Panic”) together pretty much have an answer for everything. Ewan did a tutorial about how to set up your Network Monitor rules and Melih actually works for Comodo.


I’ve noticed this too but I’m running XP Pro SP2 :). I saw svchost.exe (port 135) and services (port 445) once or twice but this was only since installing (didn’t appear in earlier versions). These ports are constantly listening so should appear in the list.


Exactly my point graham they are constantly listening so they should show up in activity connections. hope they get it fixed soon. thanks for such quick replies, cool forum!

Ok, so are any of the developers aware that there are problems with connections not showing up under the activities tab? everytime i startup my computer it is empty, but previously using jetico it showed all programs listening on all ports, please i hope you guys are looking into this, i just don't like the fact that i cant see what is listening on my ports and what is connected, i think im going to have to switch back to jetico for now. I know i sound like a broken record but i would like to know something, because i hate installing and uninstalling all the time, i really would like to pick a program and stick with it. i hope comodo comes through. 


For the time being you could bring up a command line and type netstat -an. This will display connections, listening ports, ports in numerical order and all ip addresses.

I’m not aware of this problem yet. I’ll check when I get home later.


Hi again to all,
Was just wondering if any of the developers were aware of the problem i posted a while back under this topic? I uninstalled the previous version from my computer running 2kpro. But recently when the newest version of comodo came out, i decided to try it out again. I was hoping this issue was resolved because it is a pretty major flaw in a firewall, seeing that all major firewalls show open connections and listening ports. So i decided to install it on a new machine with XP pro media center 2005. To my disappointment the exact same problem. When i booted up my machine, i opened the activity tab to see connections and it was completely blank/empty. Not one svchost.exe listening, or my antivirus’s real-time scan. This to me seems like a major flaw, and i can’t understand why the people who develop comodo would just pass it off as being nothing, seeing it hasn’t been resolved yet, and i haven’t seen anymore posts on the topic. Although every machine i have tested it on has done the exact same thing. I don’t know maybe people just don’t pay attention to it, but i really think it should be. I believe this firewall has potential, but just doesn’t seem ready for me to install and keep. I hope alot of the bugs are resolved soon, because when they are fixed i would definately pay for a product this good. But seeing it is free thats even better! (:WAV)