problems with configuration

Hello guys, i’m not menaging to set “stealth my ports to eveyone”. The “next” option is not available, only for “stealth my ports to eveyone else”.
I want to know how can i change this.

Another problem is with a game, comodo is blocking my conection, i can log in the game, but just when my character is sent to a map, i get disconected.
Even desabling network and proactive defense, i had had the same problem.
Only when i completly unistalled the security kit i couldplay normally.
What can i do?

Thank you guys a lot for helping, i really need this :-TU

The other two options in the Stealth Ports Wizard “Alert me to incoming connections - stealth my ports on a per-case basis” and “Block all incoming connections - stealth my ports to everyone” are predefined and not configurable. Hence you will not find the next button.

  1. Alert me to incoming connections - stealth my ports on a per-case basis:

By choosing this option, you will see a firewall alert every time there is a request for an incoming connection. The alert will ask your permission on whether or not you wish the connection to proceed. This can be useful for applications such as Peer to Peer networking and Remote desktop applications that require port visibility in order to connect to your machine.

  1. Block all incoming connections - stealth my ports to everyone"

Selecting this option means your computer’s ports are invisible to all networks, irrespective of whether you trust them or not. The average home user (using a single computer that is not part of a home LAN) will find this option the most convenient and secure. You will not be alerted when the incoming connection is blocked, but the rule will add an entry in the firewall event log file.

  1. Define a New Trusted Network - Stealth my ports to EVERYONE else:
    By selecting this option your machine’s ports will be stealthed (invisible) to everyone EXCEPT those networks that you specify as trusted.

To begin the wizard

Click Define a New Trusted Network.
Click the Next button.
A dialog box appears, asking you to choose the new trusted zone:
To manually define and trust a new zone from this dialog box

a). Select I would like to define a new network.
b). Enter the IP range for the zone for which you want your computer to be visible - starting from the Start IP to the End IP (or specify a Subnet Mask)
c). Click Finish to create the new Zone rule.

If you wish to add more than one zone, simply repeat this wizard.

ok understood, but i still have problems with the ragnarok’s gameguard
i’ve read the whole topics about gameguard, but sincerely i didn’t understand if there is a solution for the problem…

You can’t play ragnarok with CIS. If you want to play ragnarok, you should turn off CIS.
Because gameguard is one of the firewall softwares which is incredibly unstable.
The company who privides ragnarok recommends user following suggetions.
1.turn off any firewall
2.turn off firewall based on a router.

What a stupid company…

But there is only one way to do.( I don’t recommend this but it work great)
It works perfectly but I’m not sure you can do it.
You can find ragnarok excutable file right?

Edit - this section has been removed from this post as it explains how to hack another company’s executable, bypassing its designed function. Part 8, paragraph 5.

John Buchanan, Comodo Global Moderator

What does this hack do? Disable Gameguard when playing a game so you can keep the firewall working instead of disabling?

I also opened a topic in the mod board to see whether we think it is appropriate to post this.

well… so far nobody managed to pierce elecom’s shield so i think i have to give up
and also i don’t know how to unpack

thak you guys anyway =)

Which one?

I also opened a topic in the mod board to see whether we think it is appropriate to post this.


Good job John Buchanan.

You did very well.