Problems with computer freezing

I noticed that sometimes, when a wesite takes a long time to appear on screen, that not only does my browser (Firefox) freeze, but so does the whole computer, and then I have no choice but to turn it off and reboot manually.

This never happened with my previous FW (Jetico); could this be connected to CPF, or to some particular setting of CPF? (BTW, the other security software I’m using is KAV - no firewall - as well as Sandboxie and SSM full).


Some have reported issues with Sandboxie, can you see if you have the problem without this enabled?

Also, what CPF version are you using?


I’m using the beta of CPF.

Ok, have you changed any settings in CPF, or are they as they are from install?

The only setting I changed was to alert me about applications certified safe by Comodo (in order to pass Wallbreaker leaktest).

Can you try running firefox in its safe mode, it may be a problem with an extension or something. Also, is there any particular website you have this issue with?

I’ve just checked over the forums and this doesn’t seem like an issue others have reported with sandboxie. Do you have a program called processguard? This has been known to cause this.


Yes, I have ProcessGuard - I guess that might be the cause of the problem.

Yes it may be, Comodo were looking into this.