Problems with Comodo website

Hi Melih,

I don’t know if I should put this on this forum, but ok…

The Comodo website have problems with the Opera browser.
When I put the mouse over the menu, and the banner.

See the attached image… :wink:


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The resolution to this problem is very simple. Just get Firefox ;D.

But on more sirius terms, you may wish to contact Melih.

For now I very pleased with the power of Opera. Before I used Maxthon…
Only on v3.0 Firefox can really compete with current Opera, but then Opera will be more advanced, so… :wink:

If Melih didn’t see this topic, I will contact him.

I will tell the web dev guys to fix this…
thank you for this…
Opera is a really advanced browser and I like what they are doing.

hi VaMPiRiC_CRoW

for the team to better understand your issue could you let me know the version of opera you are using, the OS you are running and what version of that OS,

thanks mate

My settings:

Opera 9.01.8552 (last available version on the Opera site)
WinXP Pro SP2, with all the available updates…


bloody hell!!!
you are fast John :slight_smile: (:CLP)


Thank you for reporting the issue with the nav bar. This has now been fixed.


on this site, the nav bar are fixed, but this should be also fixed on the others Comodo sites, like this :wink:


Thanks for the catch, VaMPiRiC_CRoW. (:AGL) I’ve uploaded the nav bar fix on the firewall site.

Good work! (:CLP)