Problems with Comodo firewall!

I installed Comodo personal firewall 2.0 installed on my computer on sunday. I am using windows XP home edition.

Every time my computer reaches the desk top, Windows Security Centre Reports “firewall is turned off”.

When I right click on comodo and choose open. It says “protection strength poor”. In addition:

“Application monitor is off”. “Component monitor is off”. “Application behaviour anaylsis is off”

I don`t understand becuase I have not turned these things off.

Please could someone help me resolve this problem?

I had this problem, but I can’t fully remember how I got over it.
I have a sneaking impression I reinstalled, possibly over the top of the existing.

Please let us know following:

  1. Do you see any message popping-up from system tray, saying “Comodo Application Agent is not active…”?
  2. Is “Network Monitor” On?
  3. Can you change the “Security - >Application Monitor” status to “Turn On”?

Please let us know above things to help trouble shoot the issue.

This means CPF is not installed correctly. Can you try to uninstall and reinstall it?

I have had similar problems to those described in this thread, but they are intermittent.

I can’t be quite certain, but it almost seems as if, on alternate reboots, CPF does different things:

on one boot, it does not turn on Application Monitor, Component Monitor and Application Behaviour Analysis… with the result that Protection Strength is very poor (all red); also, usually there are popups that tell me Application Monitor and Component Monitor have failed to load (or something like that) and suggest that a re-install may help;

on the next boot (or at least one boot in three) everything seems to run perfectly… with Protection Strength showing as Excellent!

So far, since installing CPF, I have not had the laptop it is installed on on-line at all, while I have been getting rid of an infestation of ad/malware and viruses. Today, having installed SP2, I decided to go on-line to start installing post-SP2 critical patches… but CPF did not start properly, so I quickly took it off-line again. When I re-booted off-line, CPF came up OK.

It seems to me that a firewall that only comes up intermittently is not much use at all. At the same time, re-installing it seems like a drastic move when it comes up OK nearly every other time!

Any ideas woould be greatly appreciated.