Problems with COMODO firewall 5.3 and EAV4

I had to revert from fresh installed COMODO FW version 5.3 to version 5.0 because EAV last night popped up with this message and the icon went red (telling me that there was no more full protection)

[QUOTE]30/12/2010 23.16.51 Personal firewall An error occurred while starting proxy server. Checking of application protocols (POP3, HTTP) will not work.
So I am wondering who of the two’s (COMODO or ESET) could investigate the problem that, I think have a lot of us using these two great programs.

This is just a reminder because I don’t have any dump file and I am not going to reinstall 5.3 to see if it crashes again

Also CIS 5.0 crashed with EAV4 :-\

Since the only modified thing was that I merged an HOST file 3 MB large, I reverted to a smaller one so let us see if it was due to that.
Otherwise I can’t understand why until yesterday everything was working perfectly but not in the latest 24 hours since I installed CIS FW 5.3 ???

add ESET in CIS —> Defense+ —> Defense+ Settings —> Execution control Settings —> Detect shellcode injections (i.e. Buffer overflow protection) —> Exclusions —> Add —> Browse…

Sometimes it helps to get your AV work as it should.

Valentin N

Thanks. :-TU

I have just restored my C drive with a 15 days old backup because the problem appeared again and again and again, so I think that someway (installing 5.3) some files were changed and they weren’t replaced when I went back to version 5.0

Anyway in the future I will consider your suggestion :wink: :-TU

For sake of completeness, the problem was due to a general “internal problem” (memory heap corruption) in EAV, that by misfortune appeared in the same day as I installed COMODO 5.3 (Murphy’s Law in practice :smiley: )

Absolutely no problem now that EAV4 problem was solved.

COMODO 5.3 and EAV work perfectly together :-TU