Problems with Comodo AV in Windows Vista

Hi to all of you.

I’ve been having problems with your software for the past couple of days. The problems I been having are freezes whenever I try using Chrome, Opera, IE9, Windows Live Messenger and even your own Dragon browser. I did manage to log in to Messenger now using the newly installed Ice Dragon. I installed it because it’s based on FF which is the only browser that does not freeze the entire PC. The freezes I’m talking about are complete freezes and require a forced shut down.

Hope you guys can help.


This is quite likely due to a conflict with another security program. Even if you have uninstalled it the drivers may be still installed and causing conflicts.

FAQ relating to this is: here.

Please tell us if any security programs have been installed since the last OS installation, and if they are still installed. Also if they have, which ones.

Are you sure this is becuase of Comodo AV or could it be some other software?

Cheers :■■■■

Hi to you guys and thanks for your help.

Before COMODO I was using Panda Cloud but I disable it and I did disable the Windows Firewall. I’ve Super Anti-spyware and Malwarebytes but none as AV or real-time scanners, for that I use COMODO. I guess I’ll read and do what your FAQ says and get back at you guys.

Best regards.

Edit- Ok, I’ve disable Real-time scanning on SuperAnti-spyware even though I had it to stay off on boot, it still had a process on cache and I disabled Enhanced protection mode under Dplus. I don’t know how to disable bach scanning. I don’t see it anyware.

Did you remove panda from your computer or is it still there???

Well I have had no freezes anymore. I’m almost sure that they were caused by the Super anti-spyware real-time protection. Yes I had Panda Cloud still installed when I made the thread but it was disabled. It’s gone now though.

Anyway way if something ever happens I’ll come again.

Thanks guys for your help.

Best regards.