Problems with Comodo and various VPN softwares with Windows 10 Creators Update

Hye everybody,

I am testing Win 10 Creators Update Insider Preview on 3 different machines for 2 weeks now and all have the same problem. As soon as I establish a VPN connection and activate the Comodo Firewall driver in the TAP Network adapter, nothing works anymore. I am forced to end the VPN software or to surf via VPN without firewall protection. This happens only with Win 10 Creators Update. Every other previous build of Win 10 works perfectly.

Tested with Comodo and the latest version 10. Tested VPN softwares were PP, Cyberghost and Torguard. Microsoft did change something important but I am not able to get behind it.

Are here any of you who also use VPN together with Comodo Firewall who could help me out with this?

I appreciate your help.



You’re going to have to wait for the planned early April update of CIS that should be compatible with the creators update.

Try this one. Works fine for me.

I do not know Does it also require its own TAP Adapter establishing a VPN connection? You are using it together with the Creators Update and Comodo Firewall?

No and no. I’m using it with Win7, but you can try. It won’t hurt. GL.