Problems with Comodo 2008 Anti Spam

Hopefully someone out there can help.

I have been using the 2005 version of Comodo antispam for several years with no problems.

I have just removed it from my system and have installed the new 2008 version.

I have followed the set up procedure and everything appears to be installed okay.

The only problem is that no emails at all are coming through to my Outlook Express when the software is running. Comodo goes through the process of connecting,purging old messages etc but no emails are forthcoming.

If I disable the Comodo Antispam software I recieve my emails as normal, including some spam messages.

Does anyone have any suggestions how to cure this as I starting to recive lots of spam emails already !!!


Hi Thejackal12:

       We have tested Comodo Anti-Spam 2.0 (2008) with the last Zone Alarm

firewall, it works well with Zone Alarm, even Zone Alarm turning on its
email protection.
Is there any anti-virus program installed in your computer? If not, we
suggest you reinstall the Comodo Anti-Spam 2.0. And we will release Comodo
Anti-Spam 2.1 soon, which will improve on the compatibility.

Thanks for your quick answer.

I forgot to mention that i was also running the Norton 360 Anti Virus softwear on my system.

No pevious problems when using Comodo 2005 Anti Spam software, could this be causing a problem with the 2008 version of Comodo Anti spam ?


I love the idea of Comodo AntiSpam but don’t love the aggravation.
Previously I had Comodo 2005 which kept telling me to upgrade to 2008 which I couldn’t do because it insisted I had to first uninstall 2005 which was impossible.
Now, new computer, so I have installed CAS 2008, v 2.0 and can’t send or receive via Outlook Express without getting a message saying that there is a problem and Windows/Microsoft has to shut down.
The only way I can check my mail on OE is to disable CAS, so what’s the point of using it?
I would disable it but if it’s like CAS 2005, I won’t be able to get rid of it… (:AGY)

Hi thejackal12:
Comodo AntiSpam 2.0 may have compatibility issue with Noton 360 AntiVirus, we are trying to find the solution. Please keep an eye the coming release 2.1.

Hi Pstar:
if you got the issue, would you please check if any antivirus products or firewall products installed? And we will improve the compatibility of CAS on the coming release 2.1.

Yes, I do have antivirus and firewall installed but I don’t want to disable them in order for CAS to work.

BTW, my antivirus is not Norton.

Thank you, pstar, would you please give a leak which antivirus/firewall product you use? It will be important to improve the Comodo AntiSpam for all of us. Thanks!

Hi Junhua,

When is the ETA for a new version of CAS?


Hi 3xist:

    It will be few weeks and we will post a new Comodo AntiSpam 2.5 Beta in the forum. New user interface and new features will be avail in 2.5. Hope you will get better experience on it :)


Well I was talking about v2.1 but nice v2.5 in a few weeks! :slight_smile:

Sounds good! Goodluck. :slight_smile:


Hopefully version 2.5 will have support for Thunderbird! I tried to install 2.1 and could not import address books!

Would also be nice if it could be integrated into CIS

As far as I understand eventually everything will be available in CIS though it’ll take some time. It’s taken a long time for CAVS element to be written into CIS but I imagine it will be simular with an option to install at the startup though jus think what a massive size the initial download would be!


Hi Eric

Thanx for your fast reply