Problems with Chromodo

This has happened several times. I click on a link and the page opens fine at first but then about 2 seconds later the entire page goes white and there’s an ad at the top. with no way to get rid of it

I’m also unable to post at or read the other comments. I have to go to another browser to do that. On Chromodo it just says JOIN THE CONVERSATION but that’s all (and no that’s not a link)

Hi mmmjv,
Do you have any script blocking extensions?
Try incognito mode to see if the issue with bostonherald persists.
Could you please post a screenshot of a page showing an ad at the top?


I can post at when I’m incognito. Somebody told me to put in an ad blocker and I haven’t had any problems with that ad since, but here’s a screenshot anyway

Hi mmmjv,
Considering the site functions correctly in incognito mode, I suspect an extension is interfering or conflicting with the sites functionality.
Try disabling your extensions one at a time until you find the culprit.

I am failing to see your screenshot.

Kind regards.

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Remove AdSanitizer extension from Chromodo. This add-on provides you these ads. Remove it and add uBlock Origin to your browser for blocking “all” ads. :-TU This is not the browser problem but extension.

Hi yigido,
Removal of the extension is not necessary.
Simply add the site to the AdSanitizers exception list, or de-select ‘Deliver only safe ads’.