Problems with AVG Free Antivirus or Outlook 2003

Just installed the latest version of Comodo on my XP Home laptop. Everything worked fine except when opening Outlook 2003 the AVG scanner came on at about 75% complete and stayed on until I got an error message that Outlook timed out. It was able to send but not receive POP mail. When I turned Comodo off I was able to send and receive normally.

Not sure if this was a Comodo, AVG, or Outlook issue. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

1 - Goto Security->Application Monitor and double click on a rule for the AVG application that is responsible for email scanning(usually avgemc.exe),
2- When the Application rule window is opened, Goto “Miscellaneous” tab and
3- Click on “Skip advanced security checks” checkbox and click OK,

This should solve the problem. Lets us know if this worked.


I changed the settings in comodo and find that AVG email scanner will still not activate. I am using the most current version of comodo firewall.

CPF does not have any problems with Outlook 2003 plugin. Check your AV settings please.

I too am having problems with AVG Free Antivirus and/or Outlook
Previously I used Zone Alarm and found it very easy to use.
The Comodo has a very good reputation but I don’t know how to make it work!
I can’t access my email through Outlook.
I tried the process outlined above but that made no difference.
I’m not sure it’s AVG because I’ve used it before and there were no issues.
Please Help!?

If you are using Outlook express, the only solution is described above. If you are using Outlook 2003(Not outlook express), “allow invisible connections” may help.


I was having the same problem after updating CPF to this morning.

egemens advice is pretty solid. However, you will need to kill the avgemc.exe process using task manager and then re-active the email scanner in the AVG Control Center after applying the changes egemen suggests.