Problems with antivirus and personal firewall

My antivirus got “stuck” on one folder and the CPU was 100% active slowing or stopping everything. The clock kept ticking on this one document folder. Computer hung.

My personal firewall would not allow transmission of files to my internet website via WS_FTP LE and there was some slowing or stopping of FrontPage 4(MS2000) and some CPU hanging.

I am not a techie and don’t know the lingo or language of the computer as you IT people do.

For CPF you have to define your trusted zone

Once again (this seems to be a duplicated posting of the issue):
I remember seeing this link in the FAQ’s - Perhaps it might help?

Hi. I’m a new user to Comodo Antivirus.

When I scan a directory with word doc file’s, the on demand scan starts consuming 50% of the processor time (3,2 Ghz prosessor).
Scanning seems to stop functioning.
Stopping the cavsn.exe in the taskmanager is the only solution to stop the unwanted proces.
Separate scanning of the file’s is going well.

yes CAVS get stuck on some files (and the sequencing of them) its a weird bug and we are trying to solve it.
what would help is if you could pls send us the file it gets stuck on.

I have deleted some files, and it seems that CAVSN get stuck on the very first file in the specific folder (alphabetically ascending order).
I am not allowed to send you a copy of my files, sorry.

I understand you are not allowed, but please know that Comodo treats your files with your privacy in mind and will only use them to help solve the bug.

Ok no problem.

We will try to resolve it some other way.
thanks for trying Comodo products.