Problems when using a Limited account

I just installed AntiSpam and have run into several problems. I suspect the problems are caused due to the fact I do all my daily work using a “Limited” user account, only logging on to an admin account when I need to install something.

Problem 1) A window periodically pops up saying “The account information is missing. Please providing the missing information in the following configuration screen. (yes, it says “providing”).” I type in the account information but the window keeps poping up. I suspect that a registry entry needs to be updated but the Limited account doesn’t have permission to do so.

Problem 2) If you have the email account set up to not delete emails from the server, it keep picking up the same email messages over and over. I’m not sure how programs like Outlook do it but once it picks up an email but doesn’t delete it from the server, it ignores that message on the next download.

Problem 3) When I first installed Antivirus and switched to the Limited account, I got an error from Antivirus saying “Comodo Antivirus encountered an error. Dtails, Number CAV003, Description: On Access Scanner failed to start”

I take it you can’t run this software as a Limited user?