Problems using V3 on XP

I’m using V3 on XP and downloads from Peer Guardian, Limewire & Azureus are now really s-l-o-w. Also viewing images on Flickr and Google websites (using both Opera and Firefox) are dreadfully slow or fail completely. I find I can speed things up and get a a 100% result by turning off the firewall. Obviously, it’s not the best solution but it works. Of course, I’m doing something wrong but I don’t know what.
PS: I also tried a speed test for my internet connection (thinking I had been squeezed by my ISP – phone call to India assured me that was not the case) but it stops at about a quarter of the way through. No firewall and it works OK.
I hate to be an idiot but I want Comodo to work.

Peer Guardian causes alot of problems and is not needed. Comodo doesnt have a web shield and does not cause browser slow downs. Make Firefox and Internet Explorer a web browser under the firewall rules.

On the Opera forums I see reports that Facebook is slow. When you are using the new Ajax interface of Google that is working better in the upcoming Opera 9.5 branch. Get the latest snapshot here: Opera Desktop Team's Blog | Opera .

It sounds like you have not configured Comodo right. See if Protocol analysis is disabled: open Comodo → Firewall → Advanced → Attack detection settings → Misellaneous → now see if Do protocol analysis is disabled or not.

With the p2p programs makes sure that together they don’t use more then 75% of your upload capacity as well as no more than 75% max total connections limit of your router.

No problems with Peer Guardian here. Keep on using it as you don’t wanna share with everybody in the world.

Also check the status of the firewall in the main screen under system status. What antivirus and other security programs are running in the background?

I just use AVG. I should have mentioned that Comodo worked a treat before I installed RegToy. I haven’t really done anything with it but some of its defaults may have had an impact. Who knows?

So you did a registry clean up using Regtoy? I hope you did a back up then.

doh! I don’t recall!

How do you not recall? Did you just install Regtoy or did you run a registry clean up with it?

Check to see if a back up was automatically created,if so restore it,reg cleaners can mess up D+ settings.


Not just D+ but your entire PC Matty.

I don’t recollect using RegToy to clean up the registry. That wasn’t why I installed it – I’m quite comfortable editing the registry myself. There was another reason I got RegToy but it was about a month ago.

You shouldn’t be using Reg Cleaners at all!


I just wanted to see what RegToy did. Was it an uber app with a plethora of shortcuts or just a headache? Seriously, I don’t recollect using it and if I did it may have been to edit my context menu (I’ve been trying to put a search into one with no luck for ages). I can’t find a log file to confirm or deny. My original point remains true: many websites are so s-l-o-w or just don’t happen at all ( being the worst). If I turn Comodo off, everything works a treat. Should I uninstall? And what will that do to everything it’s learned?

Comodo does not have a web shield and does not slow down browsing. Have you tried making Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers under the firewall policy? Open up Comodo and go to Firewall\Advanced\Network Security Policy and find Firefox and Internet Explorer. Right click on them and select edit. Then select web browser from the predefined policy’s.