Problems using multiple networks with Comodo

I use a laptop to access the net both at home and on the road. At home, I connect using a high-speed wireless and on the road I use whatever is available wirelessly and have had no problems with Comodo initializing and running. However, I occasionally use my cell phone as a modem and connect to the net in that manner. When I do (from boot-up), Comodo will continually cycle through the initializing stage, but never run. If I shut Comodo down completely and then restart it, the firewall initializes and runs properly. Then, later, when I return home and want to connect to my network there, the same problem occurs and I have to go through the stop/start process, again. I have both networks listed as zones in Comodo, but I cannot figure out how to modify settings so that the above-mentioned problem does not occur. How about some good technical advice from out there in cyberspace? I’d pay, say, a solid nickel for it… (:WIN)