Problems upgrading CIS 5.3 using setup file CIS 5.4

Due to slow internet download speed, I have difficulty updating using the normal comodo updating systems. When CIS 5.4 was released a few days ago, I downloaded the setup file and attempted to install. I got an error message that version 5.3 should be un-installed first. I am wondering why this should be the case. Shouldn’t it be possible to just upgrade the old CIS engine using the new setup file? Thanks.

You can not use the installer to update on top of v5.3. You need to do a clean installation

However you can however export your settings, av database and Trusted Software Vendors list, and import them after installing. You will then miss a few changes made to the default D+ protection settings.

Back up the following files from the following folders (they are in the CIS installation folder):

  • bases.cav from the Scanners folder
  • vendor.n, vendor.h and vendor.sha from the database folder

Now uninstall CIS, reboot and start the installer. When done installing don’t reboot and copy back the files you backed up. Then reboot.

This may not work on Windows 7 as the new v5.4 is CIS is ready to sue and doesn’t need a reboot. In that case reboot to Windows Safe Mode and copy the back up files to their destination folders.

Hi Eric. Is backup and copy bases.cav from the repair folder necessary also as I have done in the past, or does the program automatically copy this over from the Scanner folder by itself from the start? I have always copied both but if it does it by itself it will be one less step I need to do in the future. Thanks.
Sorry to jump in here and ask, but I thought if it is required it would help Jemb as well.

Good question to which I have no definitive answer.

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Thanks Eric. I will give it a try sometime, unless someone else knows in the mean time. Kind regards.
Edit- I just tried it by deleting the whole bases.cav file from the repair folder and straight after normal Database update the program automatically copies the updated bases.cav to the repair folder creating a new file. So the step about manually copying this file in the repair folder is not required. Kind regards.

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