Problems updating

I received a message that an update was recommended, so I clicked yes to install it. It hung up at about 80% with no progress or disk activity for 10-15 minutes so I clicked the stop button. Upon restarting, Comodo firewall wouldn’t run and its troubleshooter couldn’t resolve the problem. I had to download and install the latest Comodo firewall; this discarded all of my firewall rules, which I had to reenter by hand because I have never found any way to save them. Now, on the same day that I installed the latest version, I am being prompted to update again. I think not. It will be some time before I update the Comodo firewall again.

You can update it with no worries, it’s just minor bug fix. To backup your rules and settings go to General Settings > Configuration. Right click the active setting and choose Export. To restore the backup choose Import.