problems uninstalling cfp

hello i have tried everything i saw on the forums to uninstall cfp but when i try to install it again i get the same msg about older installer.
i can see CFP_Setup.exe in my dir but i do not know how to delete it?
thank you.

hmmm…why u r uninstalling cfp? what version r u uninstalling? did you try from control panel/ add/remover programms??? , did you clear your temp files before trying to uninstall it?

i had to reformat my hard drive and now it is saying i have an older installer and i can not see it on add/remove.
i have tried everything i have seen on the forums but still no luck,i have even thought of installing the beta 3 but it says you should not install on a production m/c

Uninstall Problems ???

I found an uninstaller proggie at:


That has quite a few extra features, and best of all it’s FREEWARE !!! 8)

One of the features it has is the ability to scan AFTER an uninstall where it double checks your registry and other locations for any of that x-tra trash that alot of progs like to leave in their wake. Give it a shot ! For a freebie, it is pretty cool !!! I haven’t personally used it on CFP, but I’ll tell ya’s that it has done a terrific job for me so far… But like I said, It’s free for the download and definitely worth checkin’ out. (No, I don’t work for those guys either… lol…)