problems to install comodo

I had Comodo personall firewall 2.4 but now I want install new version of comodo ( on my win xp 32 bit but I have some problems.
I have uninstalled old version of comodo from control panel → add remove program. After reboot I have installed new comodo and the intallation seems to go well, but I cannot see comodo icon on application bar. I have tried to reboot but also after it I cannot see comodo icon on application bar even if comodo appears on add remove program in the control panel.
Somebody can help me?
thanks in advance


I suppose the application bar is the system tray located in the right corner of the screen?
Try this and see if it helps:
Open Task Manager and kill cfp.exe. Run CFP from the start menu (or desktop shortcut). You should now get the icon in your traybar.
It’s been reported by other users that this only has to be done once to work. Also, this is a problem with the OS itself, not CFP (or any other software).
If it doesn’t work, you might be interested in reading this thread.