Problems printing Help File

I have upgraded from Comodo Ver 2 to Ver 3 this week and it looks good.

Problem: I cannot print the Help File. The attached MSWord file shows the error messages.

Please explain how to print the Help file in part or in full. Thanks.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi gestancom1

If you can access the help files from the CFP user interface there is a printer option there.

Miscellaneous → help.


Thanks for your quick response.

However, using the Print icon at th etop of the Help page produces the same errors as in my original email. Please advise again. Thanks.

Hi gestancom1

Are you able to print anything at all with CFP-3 installed. If so I don’t think it is a firewall rule problem. If not then possibly your printer will need to be allowed access in CFP.

If you cannot print at all can you print with CFP Defense+ disabled? Security level disabled?


  1. Thanks again for your quick response, but I regret I cannot print your Help items/pages at all, even when Defense+ or Security level is disabled.
    The only way to print is for me to copy/paste an article to a word processor. Otherwise I can print anything else OK.

By the way I use WinXPHome, and usually use Firefox as my browser, and all protection systems are fully updated.

Hoping for your further help with printing your Help.

  1. By the way I have great difficulty in finding my posts! Some other forums have a link for me to quickly jump to my posts, but I cannot see that link on any of your pages - have I missed it?