Problems Playing Warcraft III (Battlenet)

Hey all,

Recently installed and configured your Firewall software today with no problems. First let me say I love it so far, thanks for the effort in making a decent product.

Onto the problem; When I first tried to connect to Battlenet the firewall program blocked me, so I tabbed out and made warcraft3.exe a trusted application. It worked and I was able to connect to the game list window. However, when I select a game to join the computer locks up completely. I am unable to TAB out or even ctrl - alt - del. The only option for me is reboot. When I try to join a game by turning off the firewall program it goes through fine. Thus I can only assume I have forgotten to set an option somewhere, but I can’t figure it out.

Any and all help is appreciated.

Thank You

  1. Configure your game port in the Options/Gameplay screen, Set the game port to a number between 6112 and 6119.

  2. “Network Monitor” → “Add” a new rule

Action = Allow
Protocol = TCP
Direction = In
Source IP = Any
Destination IP = Any or your computer Static IP adress
Source port = Any
Destination port = 6112 or 6112-6119

Remember to add these rules above the default blocking rule(BLOCK and LOG IP IN or OUT FROM IP ANY TO IP ANY WHERE IPPROTO IS ANY). Because the network rules are searched from top to bottom.

Hope this will help.