Problems making application rules


Few days ago I ran into Comodo Personal Firewall, and I’m pretty impressed. I help elder people to learn how to use a computer, and this firewall may be the easiest one to use I’ve seen till now.

My questions:

  1. If an app wants to do something on internet, a warning pops up. That warning describes extremely well and easy to understand what’s happening. When I checkmark “remember my decision for this application”, it does remember it. But it always makes a rule to allow everything (range and port 0-65535).
    I’d like it to make a rule with just what’s written in the pop-up, so much more strict.
    Automatically approve safe applications and Basic popup logic are not checkmarked (read somewhere else on the forum these should be off).

  2. When I choose for Skip parent, this is saved. But first time when I start an application with Skip parent checked, a pop-up warns me about a changed parent (don’t remember the exact text). The ‘Skip parent’ in the application-rule is than changed to the new ‘parent’-aplication.
    So for my browser (Firefox) it checks every time what application it is starting.

Do I something wrong?

This is a very nice forum, works like a charm. There’s one minor complaint I have: I hate football ;D

Peter Zwitser

You can customize the rules by going to the Security>>> Program control page, selecting the rule and then right clicking on it and selecting edit. You will get alerts about other parent programs because the Component Monitor is on or in learn mode and I think there is something about Parent Programs on the advanced page. Sorry if a bit vague … don’t have Comodo installed here at work but do at home.


Thanks for the reply, but I knew already I can edit the rules. But that’s an awful lot of work for almost every rule. It should be much handier if the written rule should be the same as what’s on the pop-up.
But on another thread I understood this will be a feature in a new version, so I’ll just wait a bit.