problems installing software


Last night I wanted to install the newer version of Spy Bot S&D, to cut a long story short, I had far too many “allow allow allow” boxes to go thru, and it was late at night, so had to abort the install.
I noticed the worst of it happened when I tried to “Immunise” and Comodo wanted me to allow each and every suspicious site that S&D would protect me from. I was so bowled over by it all that as I said, I had to end the process of S&D, and uninstall it, my way of thinking I had probably tainted its install by stopping it half way thru anyway…should my firewall be this aggressive? I have it set at this level:

oh…I cant seem to find an option for inserting a screenshot, where the hell that is i dont know, dont have the time to faff about looking…

I have firewall on Network defense…FW set to train with safe mode…
Proactive defense… Clean PC mode…

So what should I change to allow a smooth install of SpyBot S&D? I cannot face an endless stream of allow boxes, I do not have time to sit there clicking ;D Its funny, because S&D is the only application I have had issues with so far installing (this v3 anyway)

Please help me to understand, I am finding I preffered v2, however I will stick with it and see what can be done to get it running more to my liking, I do not need for it to be on “paranoia” mode, I’m not a download ■■■■■■, and I dont surf to questionable sites.

Thanks as always

Use install mode. You can also simple pit the firewall to training mode and D= to training mode.

I have firewall on Network defense...FW set to train with safe mode... Proactive defense... Clean PC mode....

How do I allterate the settings to change to what you said ?


OK, Wildwolf has helped me get the correct settings weighed up, however, now I’ve another issue…i have both the Network defense and practive defense now on training mode…but no sooner did i switch to installation mode afterwards as instructed, back on the main page, I am left with a pop up that appears at regular intervals asking me if Id like to revert back to the previous mode which was training with safe mode…I keep on having to tell it NO!

How ya meant to lock that setting down? So the firewall remembers what I want with regards to this?

Thanking you,

Another thing that was suggested to me was to install S&D with the fw disabled…certainly seems a viable option to me …

yes revert back. Do not stay on install mode. Then put the firewall and D+ back to where they were. (CNY)

why? I was advised to get into installation mode, think about whats happening here with S&D…shall i just disable the thing to install the software and then renable?

I need to be clear on what mode i have to be in coz right now im in head mash mode LOL ;D

alright, think i got it weighed up here…boy it feels oddly like a monday…i will install spybot s&D in installation mode and then revert back.

Install mode is to install something. It is a temporary mode to let the install begin. When Comodo pops up and says switch back to previous mode say yes or else do it yourself. Firewall in training mode and D+ in training mode are to let Comodo learn the app without getting pop ups. Read the help file system. you will learn alot.

alrughty after doing what you and Wolfy suggested everything went smoothly with the install…and yep, I better get reading those help files :slight_smile:

Nice one,