Problems installing any version of Comodo Firewall

Hi all,

This is a puzzling problem I would suspect someone at some time must have experienced as well.

I have a HP Pavilion computer running XP Servicepack 3.

A few months ago I was still successfully using Comodo Firewall Pro until one day I received an error message where Comodo needed to shut down. I genuinely do not remember the exact message. As it would no longer work I decided to un-install Comodo Firewall via Control Panel. At the time I also did a system restore all to no avail.

Anyway, since then I have not been able to install any version of Comodo. I was initially hoping to be able to install the same version or earlier in order to do a clean un-install. I used to have the discontinued BoClean on my computer, I re-installed and then un-installed it hoping there were some common files that might solve my problem.

I’ve tried to install different versions of Comodo from 2.3.6 to the latest of 3.13.121240 without success, always getting the same error message of “remove older version of installer” as per attachment. Error message asks for Comodo Firewall to be removed from the Add/Remove Program listing via Control Panel. However, it is not listed.

I’ve gone through the registry deleting any reference to comodo, cpf etc. Also tried the CIS - Clean-up tool provided in the forum albeit for a different version. Used registry cleaners such as Glary Registry Repair and Comodo’s own System Cleaner. I also un-installed re-installed the .net framework and am using 3.5.

Apart from re-formatting the hard drive is there anything else that can be done?

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Can you try to follow this post here:

and use the uninstall script to let it clean out all “old” references…

Hi Ronny,

Thank you the link supplied above.

Downloading the comodo file worked flawlessly as per pandlouk’s instructions.

Thanks you for your assistance and I’ll take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year. ;D

Your welcome, and also a Happy New Year to you!