Problems in saving Word 2000 files.

I am running XP SP3, MS Office 2000 SP3 and Comodo CIS 4.0.138377.779.
I previously used AVG/Zone Alarm but because of interaction between the two causing slow/failing internet access, I moved to Comodo hoping that Antivrus and Firewall from the same supplier is the best way forward.
However, I now have a problem saving Word 2000 files.
If I open an exisiting document and don’t change it and just SAVE it, then there is no problem. If I then open an exisiting Word document, make some changes and attempt to SAVE it again, a permission error window opens up which eventually leads to the loss of that document. If, however, I open an exisiting document, make some changes and then do a SAVE AS with a new name, then there is no problem. This didn’t happen before, so it appears that COMODO is stopping files being saved on existing labels.
I have gone thru some of the previous posts and m not able to find anything to help, with the exception of a post from Arun S, who advises making a change to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services|MRxSmb entry by adding “OplocksDisabled” dword. However, there didn’t appear to be any follow up posts on this, so I am reluctant to try it as I don’t know what it actually does.
If anybody can help, it will be gratefully appreciated.

I had this behavior with cis v3 (i still use v3, but another av), and the culprit was the av.

The only way i could get rid of it was to set *.doc as an av exception.

I have had a look at doing this but I cannot readily see where I have to set this. Any guidance would be appreciated.

I don’t know if it would work for you, but it is in av exclusion, according to:

Note that this “solution” is potentially dangerous if you use doc files from internet, and if you do not enforce word own security, because it could run malicious macros.

I have set c:*.doc as an exception and yes the problem has gone. However, as was stated, this is leaving the PC wide open for anything nasty in a doc file.
What is the best way to try and get this fixed - log a bug report or go via the online PC support?

I don’t know.

I did not explicitely report a bug when i talked of this behavior, and altough the correct exclusion syntax was told me by a moderator.

I am not so sure that reporting this kind of issue (or, more largely speaking, any other issue) would be effective, moreover knowing that the bug is maybe only reported for Office 2000 and not later versions (it is documented by Microsoft), and that no one is in a hurry to make correctives for such an old version.

I didn’t do myself anything, because on one side i am not using CIS anymore as an AV but only as Firewall and Defense+, and on the other because i am only using my own doc files and i am thus not concerned with macros threats.

Remember that Word Tools-Macros-Security has an option to allow only signed macros (high security level) or to be asked each time (medium security) and, of course, you are not fool enough to hide double extensions (something.doc.bat) ot to click whatever link should be included in the word document.

In any situation, the general rule is “do not open whatever mail attachment including said to be sent by your grand ma if she didn’t warn you of its existence, name and size”

A still higher security option would be to make doc files default opened by wordpad, as wordpad is unable to read macros, but leading to “open with” and “word” each time a doc file has previously been checked.