Problems importing configuration files - Could not import settings... error

One of the problems with many, if not most, firewall apps, is that they are very much prone to security leaks (i.e, leaving unwanted traces behind). Comodo’s firewall is no exception, but that’s not my complaint.

In v5.x under XP Pro, it was easy to simply export the current configuration file, edit it to remove those unwanted traces, then re-import the edited config file.

But every time I try it with v6 under 64-bit Windows 7 Pro, Comodo firewall gives the error message: “Could not import settings from the specified file.

My guess was that the config file has to be written in a particular format, and it looked to me like that has to be in UTF-16 with no byte-order flag. However, no matter what format I try, either (1): UTF-16 no byte-order; (2): UTF-16 WITH byte-order; (3): UTF-8; or (4): ANSI/ASCII, Comodo always gives the same error message!

I’ve been extremely careful with the editing, and ensured that there are no orphan elements (such as a without a closing ), and a text comparison proves that I haven’t made any mistakes.

What am I missing? (And please don’t suggest that I use the purge function, okay?)

I could reproduce this problem and managed to narrow down its cause, with Comodo Firewall, in Windows 7 64-bit. It doesn’t occur in Windows 7 32-bit that I configured very similarly. (This may be related to the problem I reported years ago: .)

Rename %ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\ieproxy.dll to something else. (Remember, this is a 64-bit system, it’s not the “Program Files (x86)” directory structure!) The next time you want to import settings (a .cfgx file), you will get this error message. Changes made to settings will not persist; seemingly they are saved, but exit and reenter the program and they will be back to the previous values; easiest test: change the user interface theme.

Rename the DLL back to its original name. If you still have the same error message, reregister the DLL with:

regsvr32 "%ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\ieproxy.dll"

(You don’t need to reboot. Other files in the same directory don’t matter, neither do their 32-bit equivalents.) If you - like me - don’t have the DLL at all,

sfc /scannow

may be able to put it back for you. Or copy it back from the install DVD or the service pack manually. If successful, you will again be able to import settings and changes will persist.

Please, don’t make any component of Internet Explorer a requisite, I kill everything Internet Explorer-related on sight. :wink: