Problems getting Rules setup correctly for comodo to work with apache [Resolved]

I need some suggestions for setting up my rules to allow others to connect to my website that is being hosted on my own systems running apache 2.2.4 using port 80. I think that the prob is originating from the last default rule that is set on the list. This rule seems almost to powerful, but at the same time very necessary. I guess the only reason firefox is alowing me to view this page and send info in & out right now is because it is in my list of Allowed Applications that I apporved…

Block - IP - IN/OUT - Any Source IP - Any Destination IP - Where IP Protocol is Any

Aside from the stock rules, there is only 1 rule I have added as RULE 0 That I found after hours of looking for someone having the same problem with people connecting to their server—>

Rule0 - Allow - TCP - IN - Any Source IP - Any Destination IP - Any Source Port - Destination Port 80

Any suggestions?

Maybe someone else has experienced this…

There are some different aspects that come into play here, opensorc (btw, welcome to the forums).

For you to receive an unsolicited Inbound connection, it first has to be allowed by Network Monitor. This should be accomplished by that Rule ID 0 you’ve added. As long as all they need access to is Port 80 using TCP, that’s all you need there.

But you also have to have the apache application running (listening to port 80) and Allowed to have both In and Out connections in the Application Monitor. You can define Ports & Protocols here if you want, or just go with its defaults; but you do need both Directions - In and Out.

If CFP is blocking it, there will also be log entries to that effect.


Got it figured out…

Turns out that all my troubleshooting over the past few days was result from bad info provided by my ISP… Turns out that they block all incoming data on port 80 (becoming more common?). For a nominal fee of about three times as much / mo. and having my bandwidth halved, a business account will allow port 80 data…

My final solution solution was going to httpd.conf located in apache/conf/ and changing Listen {TO} Listen I then had to change the port forwarding from WEB - to:80 - from:80 - {TO} WEB - to:8080 - from:8080 -

Cake… Hope this helps others.

Be sure to call your ISP Two or Three times to verify that your port 80’s are avail. (seems like working for some isp’s only requires a G.E.D.)

Cost me four days of wondering and trial = error…

I have another huge issue with Comodo though…

I will start a new post for it… Has to do with “application handling”…

Thanks Mac,

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