Problems getting comodo to 'ask' -

I’ve been trying to get Comodo to work pretty much like ZoneAlarm in that I should be able to get it to ask for internet access.

First problems is that there is a ‘safe’ application mode which seems to be pre-defined and I can’t see how or where this is defined. Therefore if I have Firewall behaviour set to SAFE rules are ignored seemingly or any attempts to change them block all access.

I therefore decided to set behaviour to Custom and this initially worked till I rebooted.
Now no program asks for access so I can’t tick remember answer or not. Programs that are in Network policy can ONLY be set for Allow ALL requests. If I simply change this to ‘ASK’ it simply blocks internet access.

I’ve tried defining rules that block or ask if an ip request is outside my home network - nothing seems to work. It seems either I have to allow a program to access the net or not.

Can anyone explain how to set this up or do I have some kind of wierd behaviour going on given that ask never ever works.

Ideally I’d like to put a rule in the pre-defined Trusted applications to ask but in safe mode this is ignored and in Custom mode it just blocks or ignores this.

I don’t know what happened because this seemed to work when I had set custom mode, a program when first run would ask and I’d set the answer. This automatically set a rule in network security which if I deleted would get the ask dialogue.

The problem may be some kind of bug or incomatibilty as after this all worked and I came back and turned my machine on I can no longer get the ask to work. Prior to this my first installation forced me to reinstall Comodo because once I’d got it working ok coming back the next day blocked me from running any program.

I know I’d probably get this to work again if I deinstall but then I fear a repeat of this scenario.

I’m running WinXP pro btw. Any help tracking this down would be appreciated.

EDIT: I might have a clue. I run my main account on XP pro as a limited user. I just logged into the admin account and the ask option comes works again with the custom mode and rules I set up.
Switching back to my normal account - it works ok.

Is this a bug?